Information Management Solutions

Core Features

Data direct ‘s management system for hard copy documents, files and cartons provides convenient access to information stored within your archive.

All the record centers in UAE provide secure and detailed hard copy document archival services. Depending on your individual requirement, the information can be classified and maintained at any level: individual documents, into a file or a box level. The information is captured using barcodes, making it impossible to identify and extract information from your box. Without technology it cannot be located. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your information is secure yet can be accessed by click of a button by authorized personnel only.

Our facility uses strict security policy, all staff are vetted and trained in all aspects of their jobs as well as the requirements of data protection.

Data Direct offers secure, confidential, accessible (for you) document storage, file storage and management services, compliant with rules and regulations of government bodies for long term archival.

Documents belonging to any sector, department or organization (SME or MNC), will no longer be a problem in terms of space to store your existing documents or in terms of the consistent need for additional space as your business continues to grow.

Document scanning, document capture and management includes a variety of services, the skeleton structure includes, document conversion and data capture either off site or on site.

  • Receiving/Collection of Document
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Quality Control
  • Release
  • Refile

Our 10 year project management expertise allows us to stand different in the crowd. currently Data Direct handles hundreds of millions of documents and images under its wings which cover, Document Conversion for documents, drawings, newspapers, books, OCR, OMR, ICR, Micrographics, Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche Scanning and Aperture Cards, forms processing, moving hundreds of clients to a Paperless Office and an organized Electronic Archive System in different formats such as PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPG and other.

Currently, electronic document management systems (EDMS) supports business life cycle and management of document information (including data and any combination of text, images, graphics, voice, and video). These systems consist of a variety of technologies, records management, and search & retrieval. A few EDMS functions include capture, storage, classification, indexing, versioning, maintenance, use, security, and retention of documents.
Our result-driven Business Process Management translates strategy into execution, using process and pressure points as the critical link to help organizations/firms realize immediate and measurable results while establishing an effective and efficient BPM environment.
Our intelligent enterprise image capture software that does more than capture and transforms your documents into application-ready information. It helps in lowering costs, minimizes risk, and connects the information required to get your job done. So any global enterprise can eliminate paper and elevate business productivity, replacing manual paper processes with instant online data access.
We are a professional agency providing a complete suite of flexible IT and HR outsourcing solutions to meet the custom tailor need of companies. We understand the fast track changes and businesses must adapt to these changes in order to be ahead. With that in mind, we have a range of flexible and scalable solutions that are designed to help businesses maximize their resources and minimize their expenditure for a profitable return on investment.

Our areas of expertise in HR include:

  • Scanning Professional
  • Document Controller
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Customer Service Executives (Call Centre Agents)
  • Other miscellaneous categories

This process involves identifying and marking all movable or immovable fixed assets with a unique barcode tag. These tags are scratch proof, do not tear and do not fade. They are serialized which ensures that each fixed asset has a unique identification.

  1. Asset Tagging
  2. Verification

We Think & Deliver

Data Direct has offices in UAE, Oman, KSA and Sri Lanka. We pride on being a flexible organization and our local presence helps our clients feel comfortable when it comes to auditing our setup or meeting our team. Since we are local, security of Data is never an issue as it does not have to leave the country.
Information Management