Like most other industries, the real estate industry is primarily based on customer experience. Customer experience is a critical decision driver for investors, buyers, and seller’s alike. In Dubai and the world over, real estate companies have started optimizing their CXM to keep their value proposition on the market and offer a superior experience in an attempt to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Property management leaders need to understand the most crucial point that it is not sufficient to invest humongous amounts in the latest technologies, attractive designs, or boosting marketing campaigns. The key point is customer-centricity. We need to look at how CXM can accelerate real estate sales.


Real estate demands a personalized journey from the first stage of identifying a suitable property through the purchasing process and the construction phases and throughout the living experience. Translating this focus into action sets the pace for a successful business.

It is essential to collect a significant amount of customer data from the first moment of interaction. Knowing their history, behaviours and patterns, attitudes, and motivators is necessary to anticipate the needs and enhance their services.

Populating data and keeping it up to date while simultaneously spreading it across business verticals are the tools to provide a personalized and consistent experience across all touchpoints.


One of the major accelerators of sales in any industry and more so in the real estate industry is identifying the most sensitive customer touchpoints. It provides the perfect opportunity to be different and make a long-lasting impact. No opportunity to engage with customers and nurture the relationship should be missed.


Here is where technology steps in. Automating everyday workflows and streamlining processes is an excellent idea to promote business. Increasing transparency by sharing information about the construction progress would ensure that customers receive the right amount of engagement.

Investing in preparing detailed manuals, infographics, or practical FAQs based on questions received from previous customers would be an ideal step to improve communication. Proactively sharing this information with clients would help anticipate my wishes rather than just responding to them.

Creating engaging marketing content, blog posts, newsletters are excellent ways of establishing a long-term relationship with customers. Evaluating websites, mobile platforms, and customer portals is vital to ensure that customers have up-to-date content across all channels.

CXM is the core of the value chain in the real estate industry. A great experience will fuel the long-term growth of customer relationships. Are you going the right way? Just reach out to Data Direct for modelling your CXM to accelerate your real estate business.

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