Content marketing is a ‘buzzword’ in digital marketing, and its popularity is seen as a source to increase the traffic for much time.

This technique offers an opportunity for businesses to boost their traffic and improvise their online reputation. A few statistics prove that content marketing is a powerful tool as it gets you 97% more Backlinks, 5x more leads, 55% more traffic, and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. These statistics show that content marketing plays an essential role in making your brand and uplifting it manifold.

However, like every online marketing service, content tricks and techniques also goes through vital changes year-after-year. The experts come up every year with modern tactics and strategies to shape content marketing. Let us see what’s in the box this New Year!


Video Content: Visually engaging and compelling content is the need of an hour. Almost 72% of users prefer video content over text content. So, your initial 30-second must be essential to attract your user to watch the whole brand content. It will boost your traffic and convert the leads too.

Audience Persona: Before you start writing, understand who your audience is, what solution they are seeking, and how you will provide. You can study the statistics provided by your client or study the market results, and search the taste of the audience. Like, organic products are a trend nowadays, so if you are writing for a natural skincare brand, just highlight how it will take away your immediate customers’ woes.

Highlight Your Message: Is your brand message adding value? If not, it’s high time you start brainstorming and put ideas on paper. Experiment with your posts and content and see if it’s adding some value and promoting its message. Because no one says ‘Drake wrote a dope content’ instead everyone praises his ‘album’ (the end value).

Become ‘Be the Source’ Content: Now, this is what is going to hit your traffic to the peak. But, to become the ‘source content,’ your search and data need to be 100% valid. Misleading results are a big no-no. So, study well, provide useful images and sources, and back-up research with some renowned expert views to make your content look intriguing and compelling.

Significant changes are on their way in 2021 in content marketing. Keep your ears, mind, and eyes open to grab the minute details too. Data Direct can help with content marketing and facilitate businesses to focus on their core competencies. We boost your performance with high-quality content creation services.