In today’s world of fast-changing trends, where every individual has remarkably easy access to multiple forms of communication ranging from mobile devices, messages, Whatsapp, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; and e-communication such as e-mail, video-conferencing, etc., we provide expert telesales and marketing services to sell or market products/ services directly to the end client. Be it a customer or another business, our contact center team has specialists who can implement different strategies to meet the objectives and diverse requirements of the client. Our team ensures that all demands of our clients are met & they are fully satisfied with our services.

We have worked with clients from various industries like insurance, retail, banking and they have trusted us to reach out to their customers using their data. We have managed projects at our contact centre as well as at remote locations. With in-house capabilities to develop custom CRM solutions, our cloud-based platform helps in scaling the operations seamlessly whenever required, providing maximum flexibility to our clients. This helps them to focus on other things that are important for their business.


We recognize that customer service plays an important role in the success of a company. That is why we try to keep our customers happy through efficient and quick service. Speed is extremely important, particularly if our client has requested to provide service within a particular timeframe.

Our CSR (Customer Service Representative) Team learns our customer’s needs and requirements through discussions and interactions with them. We try to get maximum details to understand their exact want.

We understand that communication and clarity are essential and so we work hard to improve our quality and maintain high standards, learning from past mistakes, if any, and not repeat them.

We are ready to go the extra mile to make our customers happy. We love to be in their good books, plus it feels great when it brings us more business through reference by them.


Every employee hired by our client costs approximately 3 times their salary in logistics, compensation and insurance. When creating an estimation model for employees, companies tend to negate the indirect costs which add up to a considerable amount. To reduce operational and fixed costs, our clients outsource resources for BCP. We create in-house teams based on project requirements. And this is what we do:-


Data Direct helps ‘Business to Business’ and ‘Business to Client’ firms and organizations to attract and get new customers through its use of technology and novel sale solutions. We provide analytic solutions to market your business strategies and help achieve your growth objectives. Customer’s opinions, requirements and demands keep changing. To keep them satisfied, it becomes necessary for businesses to offer a variety of diversified tools. But many companies do not have multiple tools and their customer support teams often fail to address them accurately.

It is here that Data Direct comes to play. Besides providing outsourced customer support services, we also provide customer support services to the customer services of other companies. We offer tools their current teams are lacking or might not have. Our novel sale solutions help our client companies to satisfy their customers, as well as target potential new customers. Our analytics tool analyses the behavioural pattern of our client’s customers and provides insights to the support executives of our client’s company to help them sell their products or services across the section and bottom-to-top section.