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The most effective use of a loyalty program is in this industry where there is tremendous competition and customer retention and growth are highly important. We can help create a very effective loyalty program to drive revenue and create loyalty to the brand using customer behavioral analytics & RFM, customer engagement through targeted promotions anniversary offers, tier-based rewards, and non-competing partnerships.
Structure rewards program for F&B outlets and hotels in general that can possibly fund the cost of the program at the same time ensure customers are well rewarded to maintain loyalty. Complete mapping of customer journey through acquisition, education, engagement, redemption and aspiration to drive in the direction of being the first choice of hotel/F&B outlet by allowing them to feel the power of their rewards program.
The automotive segment is bit challenging in the sense as repeat business cycle is relatively long. We would therefore look at an engagement program keeping through communication and information on recent development, exclusive offers on complimenting products of business to the automotive brand, special value adds in terms of gifts on purchases or annual free subscription to business and lifestyle magazines and points/cashbacks earned when using the vehicle maintenance and parts purchase services of the automotive brand.
Highly motivating and incentivizing loyalty solutions are brought about in this field by engaging both with the distributor/reseller and the salespersons. In addition to the cash discounts or rebates for the resellers that most units in the industry follow, we can help you move to the next level by further incentivizing the salesperson by offering points that can be redeemed for vouchers or gift products upon meeting quarterly targets and offering rebates to resellers in the form of additional discount on product purchases upon meeting collective targets.
Some of the successful strategies that we have used are rewards for positive behavior such as on renewals, no accident claims, no fines, positive health maintenance etc. and these incentivize customers to remain loyal to you.

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Data Direct has presence in the UAE, Oman, KSA and Sri Lanka markets. We pride on being a flexible organization and our local presence helps our clients feel comfortable when it comes to auditing our setup or meeting our team. Since we are local, security of Data is never an issue as it does not have to leave the country.

Over the years Data Direct has garnered extensive experience across verticals to deliver value through acquisition, retention, usage and advocacy. We offer a comprehensive service including strategy, analytics, call center helpdesk, SMS and email engines and fulfillment. Our successful loyalty management campaigns have benefitted some of the biggest corporate in the region. Our loyalty programs are backed by a core team with extensive experience and an infrastructure dedicated to support every aspect of programs.

Our loyalty programs are backed by a core team with extensive experience and an infrastructure dedicated to support every aspect of programs.

  • In-house call center with over 100 help stations
  • Online and offline fulfillment / mail room / broadcast services
  • Campaign management and business intelligence tools for customer profiling
  • Data warehousing and data analysis services for data management and insight