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Data direct ‘s management system for hard copy documents, files and cartons provides convenient access to information stored within your archive.

All the record centers in UAE provide secure and detailed hard copy document archival services. Depending on your individual requirement, the information can be classified and maintained at any level: individual documents, into a file or a box level. The information is captured using barcodes, making it impossible to identify and extract information from your box. Without technology it cannot be located. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your information is secure yet can be accessed by click of a button by authorized personnel only.

Our facility uses strict security policy, all staff are vetted and trained in all aspects of their jobs as well as the requirements of data protection.

Secure Data Archiving Solutions

Data Direct provides improved Document Archiving solutions for organizations. We carry out Onsite Document Scanning and Offsite Document Scanning to keep the industrial data secure at one place. We extend a management system for the files, hard copy documents, and cartons. Our archiving services provide convenient access to your data. We carry out the Offsite Records Management, classify the information, and store the documents at an individual level. In case our clientele requires any information we use barcodes to extract particular details without losing them to the third party.

How Data Direct Helps?

Data Direct is your one-stop solution for the Digital Document Archiving Solutions. We use barcodes to secure your information, so except the authoritative parties, no one can extract data from your box. We use advanced technology to locate your files or boxes, and without our particular archiving tools, the information cannot be located. Moreover, our clients can rest assure for the security of their knowledge and documents because we have a trained staff who abides by our data protection policies.

Are you looking for a reliable and safe way to protect your data? Data Direct offers you secure technology and archiving solutions. Get in touch with us today!