We at Data Direct provide different types of IT Solutions for different requirements of our clients. Those important ones include Business Intelligence, GRC, E-signature, Mobile Security & others.


Our trained team of technical experts provides predictable and action-based business aptitude facilities to empower you to make strategic and operational decisions that will be important for your business’s long-term success. Our BI (business intelligence) solutions help you to identify the latest trends, opportunities that come along with them and issues that come along with them and need to be addressed. We provide data-driven operations to help you speed up your operations across various departments.

We have all kinds of tools, software’s and hardware’s to gather, store, analyse and select-use data created by your company. This saves your time and efforts that can be diverted to other more important tasks.


GRC is nothing but how a company is managed in terms of institutional systems and protocols that ensure accountability and display work ethics during operations. It is aimed at improving effectiveness, reducing costs and setting up a risk management system for our clients. Our opinion is that improved ability, effectivity and productivity result in good profits for our customers.

We are ready to help various industries and organizations to work in risky and well-regulated areas. Our professionals work externally to tackle different types of risks in place of our clients to provide the best possible service/s efficiently. We provide subject-specific trained staff to every single client. These include- experienced domain experts & GRC personnel who are familiar with the task/s, provide continuity of needed resources, act as one-spot contact person, eliminating unwanted calls and support levels and finally removing spots where the process could have failed.

Some of the services that we provide under our GRC system are

Advantages that you get from using our GRC system


In the past, companies and their officials had to get signatures from their employees and clients physically. Now things have changed from the year 2000 onwards. With the advent of e-signature, there is no need to travel from one place to another to get a person’s (can be a client or a company’s own employee) signature physically.

E-signature is nothing but a digital form of one’s signature that one can do on an electric pad or a mobile phone by using a digital pen or even fingers. A large number of companies across various sectors like medical, automobile, finance, insurance, banking, etc. are using e-signatures for official purposes; as well as in services meant for customers.

E-Signature service provided by Data Direct provides its clients with one of the best and fastest signature completion cycles for one or more than one signing party. We do so by getting all kinds of documents, papers, etc. uploaded and sent to our clients in digital format; and by getting it signed via a mobile phone, an e-link or even ‘WhatsApp’.


Now we all know that neither the employees of a company nor our clients, or their customers can carry laptop or desktop everywhere. And so, at times they might not be able to access any kind of online services such as internet access for various purposes like net banking, orm-filling, filing income tax or income tax returns online, etc. This results in hindering their work or requiring unwanted extra time that at times is not available with our clients or their customers.

In order to ensure continuity with their work and to save time, we at Data Direct provide you with mobile security services. Our mobile security services ensure that you are able to access any kind of data from anywhere and at any given time, just by using mobile internet. Not just that, we also provide you with a password for online access to your data on your mobile which is available to you and you alone.

Even if your mobile gets damaged accidently, or you misplace it somewhere or even if it gets lost; you need not worry about your data and its access. We will lock it automatically from our technical data centre and will ensure that nobody gets access to your mobile’s data even if they try to hack it or break its password. For that, we have our own ‘thumbprint & eye scanner security system that is present on your mobile. It will not open unless you apply those two to it. Thus, we ensure that your data present on your mobile or even that present online will remain untouched, hidden, and completely safe and inaccessible to everyone except you.

Our other security services include instant message service as a security alert that will be sent to your other backup mobile number or to that of your family members, that will be sent in case if someone tries to breach it. With a single confirmation or denial call, we will block it. You can retrieve it once your mobile is returned to you. You can also retrieve it on your backup mobile number, or on that of any of your family members that you have registered with us. This way, we ensure complete mobile security, data security and other kinds of security services to keep you stress-free and at ease, so that you can focus on your work without any problem. Need we say more?



The process of doing business across the globe is becoming smarter, more innovative and more adept. The companies are looking to use all 3 of these practices for ensuring good functioning, quality work at affordable and friendly prices; and efficient business management across various services. To convert these practices into reality, certain apps (applications) and infrastructure (technical & physical infrastructure) is needed.

We at Data Direct provide you with all these to ensure that you can continue with your business uninterrupted. We can develop and provide different apps, test and implement them for your different business requirements. Our software services also include Technical EoL (End of life) Management that is used in compliance with data collection and data mining process. We can also provide you with IT support and training for the same, in case you want to develop a separate operation and support team in the longer run.


Now this is a different type of software service that we at Data Direct provide our clients with. We do a complete digital transformation of our clients’ lengthy and time-taking physical processes like data entry, data mining, data collection and data recovery using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). RPA or simply Automation is a set of specialized programmes that automate certain tasks that may or may not be repetitive. Through our complete digital transformation service, we blend software and machine learning with humans who supervise and intervene wherever needed, to provide fully satisfying solutions in a much reduced time.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an important aspect that is being used across many industrial sectors, and BPO is one of them. Many automated programmes are done with the help of AI as it thinks, analyses and works faster than humans. We at Data Direct also provide AI-powered solutions under our software service for various data-related tasks and functions like processing accounts, bills and invoice management. Our AI helps fine-tune all these tasks by detecting and separating various types of data and by filling in missing information all by itself.