We are a professional agency that provides a complete suite of flexible IT and HR outsourcing solutions to meet the customized needs of various companies. We understand the fast-track changes that are happening all over the world, and that businesses must adapt to these changes to stay ahead in the competition. With that in mind, we provide a range of flexible and scalable solutions that are designed to help businesses maximise their resources and minimize their expenditure for a profitable return on investment. Thus, helping them grow and expand.

HR Recruitment- Data Direct provides recruitment services for its clients based on their field-specific requirements. Our recruitment process is based on a competency model that focuses on the candidates’ knowledge, skills, mastery of tools and motivation level to get the given task done efficiently and in time. We also focus our attention to the professional values of the candidates such as work commitment, discipline, willingness to grow, time-efficiency, effectiveness, concern for impact and initiative.

Our recruitment process includes four key steps, namely- selection of candidates from the available CV database, live telephonic test as a screening tool, face-to-face interviews and situation-based tests which simulate a real-time work environment. The integrated resource management process used by Data Direct helps various businesses to automate their end-to-end human resources and the whole recruiting process. We have a high Quality of Standards (QoS) when it comes to recruitments for our clients and 92% of the manpower recruited by us has stayed with our client companies for more than a year. This has helped our clients in maintaining a continuous task force of experienced employees, which in turn helps them reduce their recruitment costs and continue improving their core business offerings.

The key to our success is our critical evaluation of the client’s HR requirements and subsequent fulfillment with dedicated attention through the deployment of contract staff.



We at Data Direct also provide some other services under the miscellaneous category such as book-keeping, accounting, consultancy in filing different types of taxes, marketing research for client-specific product or service along with public opinion, test for technical skills and hardware-software along with analysis and final report. We also provide our clients with digital as well as physical advertising service that includes photography and videography as well. Not to miss out on bill collection, stenography, mailing and duplicating activities to end with.