The loyalty of customers is of utmost importance for any business or enterprise to grow at the same time survive the competition. This can be attained only if you keep your customers informed about your new products and services & keep them happy and satisfied. We at Data Direct can help you and your business not only to survive but also to grow in this competitive market by offering our cost-effective and business-efficient loyalty service. Our service will help increase your revenue and build loyalty among your customers by using behavioural study analysis and RFM techniques (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value).

The ‘RFM’ technique relatively new trend and is offered by only a select few organizations and Data Direct happens to be one of those few companies that use this technique for the benefit of its clients. Under this technique, we provide study & analysis of when was the last time when customer/s purchased your product or service? (Recency), in how much time did your customers purchased those products or services? (Frequency), and what was the average amount that your customers paid to buy your company’s products or services? (Monetary Value). Analysing these data will help you get a much better picture of your customer-base. This in turn will help you to project, market and sell your products or services accordingly, efficiently and in lesser time.

Not just that, we at Data Direct also offer a handful of additional loyalty services to help you retain your customers by keeping them engaged through product or service anniversary offers, tier-1/ tier-2/ tier-3 city-based offers that give rewards to a certain number of customers on special occasions and non-competing partnerships that ask customers to complete certain tasks, after which they are rewarded with discounts or vouchers.

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