The biggest & most important requirement of all companies is to succeed in selling their products and/or services to remain in business. To do that, companies need to do a lot of ‘effective marketing’ which requires considerable time. A major problem with most of the companies is that a lot of their ‘much-needed’ time gets spent on non-essential activities such as call lists, lists of prospective buyers, looking for required data in databases, cleaning up unwanted stuff, etc. All these activities take away considerable productive time of various core teams, which in turn causes indirect losses in terms of efforts, money and business.

This is where Data Direct comes in. Our dedicated marketing team ensures that you don’t lose either time or effort or money. Outsourcing your marketing services to us will help you focus on other important tasks that will benefit your company. With the help of our dedicated vendors across the industry, we can think, act and market your company’s products and/or services in a strategic way.

Data Direct’s marketing team targets the audience in a certain time frame to ensure that no time is lost, no effort goes in vain, and no money spend goes useless; meanwhile successfully ensuring the sale of the set products and/or services of your company (our clients). We also use digital marketing services for our clients (various companies) under the broad types of marketing services that we provide. Some of the Digital Marketing Services that we provide are


A business cannot succeed without a good website and your website needs to be SEO-friendly. If more people visit your company’s website, it will move up and appear in top searches in a particular segment. More visitors online also means more customers for you.

Data Direct provides one of the best SEO services in Gulf countries, Australia and India. Our team of SEO experts will work to bring more traffic to your website. It will also increase your brand’s visibility by using ethical ways and SEO strategies.


It has been seen that customers are on the lookout for different kinds of solutions for their different problems and that too, in a very short time on social media. But it normally takes 12 or more hours to give them responses which is way too much.

We provide a dedicated team of social media customer care agents who will help our customers in getting answers to their queries in less than an hour. We also do marketing using social media for our clients and ensure that we satisfy their customers.


We provide PPC (pay per click) campaign service which allows our clients to offer their range of products and/or services through controlled paid advertisements. This will help your site rank in top searches on various search engines like Google and Yahoo and the best part is that you will only have to pay a small amount if someone clicks on your product or service’s advertisement. We at Data Direct, help our clients by implementing and using cost-efficient PPC campaign services that drive more traffic to our client’s website and results in increased conversion rate.


Data Direct has also come up with a chatbot service for its clients. Chatbots are AI-powered computer program that communicates with humans. Our field-specific chatbots that serve in customer service, call centres and e-commerce will be able to ease your daily queries by providing answers or solutions to our client’s customers within very little time.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulation-based experience that can be similar as well as completely different in comparison of real life. While Augmented Reality (AR) enhances reality by adding 2D & 3D features to it. And this very augmented or enhanced reality makes it different from virtual reality as it makes you see and/or feel things that aren’t there but can be there in the future. With the use of AR & VR technologies, we provide our clients with close to real-life-based experiences that help them not just understand their problems easily but also help us provide the best possible and most affordable solutions to them. We ensure that our AR & VR-based technology solutions will also prepare our clients & keep them ‘in a good place’ in the future. Some of the sectors where we offer these services are e-commerce, banking, insurance and education.


Everyone thinks that marketing is an easy way of selling goods and services but this very notion is untrue in the changing market scenario that is driven by new marketing technologies. We at Data Direct are among those select few companies that provide Martech (Marketing Technologies) services to our clients as per their requirements and if requested for.

Through our Martech services, we provide expertise in business processes by enabling the marketing department of the concerned company from time-taking manual data processes to diverse data processes by using smart business analytics and innovative ideas. We also provide smart text messaging service under which our call center agents not only answer queries raised by customers but also give them important pieces of information from time to time to keep them updated. Our marketing services bring together skill and knowledge-rich people with smart systems and technologies to work in a planned way that changes our client’s professional work experience forever.


Data Direct also provides performance marketing to its clients. For those who don’t know performance marketing, this is a term used for online marketing where advertising and marketing companies are paid when a specific task such as the sale of a targeted number of products, a certain number of clicks or likes, etc. are achieved. Performance Marketing has totally changed the way various companies used to advertise and sell their products or services. For this very reason, we offer this service to our customers if they request it.


Data Direct is one of the best website design and development service providers in Gulf countries and now we are offering this service in Europe and Asia as well. With a decade of experience to back us and a dedicated team of website designers, we are ready to provide you with an attractive, eye-catchy, informative and customized website according to your company or business’s requirement. We can provide you with websites on PHP, HTML5 and WordPress that are considered as most ‘in-demand’ computer languages in today’s world. This helps generate more leads and improve sales.

By using HTML5 together with CS3, we construct our client’s website most innovatively. This makes your website easily accessible, cross-browser supportive, is fast and search engine friendly. By using PHP which is considered the best scripting language, we make your website not just attractive, but also trendy in terms of content, images and overall presentation. Through WordPress, we provide your website with a result-oriented design and interface that will help develop your brand in the market. This is achieved by making a search-engine friendly website for better organic ranking and use of maximum integration through social media that makes it appear easy to look and surf through. Data Direct works with you to not just engage your customers, but also to convert them from viewers to new customers.


Display banner creatives/ ads (advertisements) are one of the best ways of advertising your company and its products. This is because they are a combination of many items such as impressive content, short and precise sentences, impactful images, graphs, highlighted words, phrases and segments and colourful backgrounds. Data Direct provides display banners that are made with the sole aim of fulfilling our clients’ requirements. Whether it is launching a new brand, logo or a product or about targeting new audiences that can be turned into customers, we at Data Direct will do it for you.

Email Marketing- In today’s world, e-mail marketing is one the best and most affordable way of online marketing. Not just is it affordable but is also effective when it comes to advertising and marketing your business. One can choose from hundreds of limited word messages or templates and send it to 100 to 1000 mails/ day to as many people. Data Direct offers this service to its clients as per their industry, product or service-specific requirements. We call this service ‘targeted email marketing’. This approach of ours makes us different from other similar service providers.