As Coronavirus has turned the world upside down, most of the industries have seen their sales plummet during this crisis time. The traditional marketers and their marketing strategies are badly hit because of the lockdown. It is the right time to opt for digital marketing ideas that can keep you connected with your customers. The marketing innovation is the key to survival during this havoc and upsurge or at least float your business. Here are some essential digital marketing ideas that you can use.

Connect through Social Media Platforms

Get connected with your target audience or present customers through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. If you are unable to offer them services right now, but with engaging content and offers, you can ask your audience to pre-book for the services. These special offers on your products or services will attract your customers. The crisp and clear marketing approach will bring you close to your customers at this time. You can ask for their feedback on particular products or if there is any improvisation required.

Put Hold on Automated Messages

If you are a tour and travel industry, then it is time to put your automated messages on hold for the time being. It is time to reconsider your ads and offer during COVID-19 time. You need to consult your digital marketers what will attract the audience most right now. Like the coupons or personalized messages with special offers. If yes, then go ahead with promotional offers for this time.

Evaluating the Ad Campaigns

Most brands have made a significant shift in their marketing campaign to promote healthy practices and stay home initiatives for its customers. The re-evaluation of ad campaigns will help the brands to reach out to their consumers on the emotional front. Like, KFC, whose ads were focused on finger-licking after tasting their chicken, has now made a shift to sanitization and hand-washing policies. With this, they have opened their drive-through and are offering contactless delivery options for consumers.

Carry Exceptional On-Site SEO

As your competitors may be finding ways to survive this pandemic and stopped all their digital marketing services, it is the right time to work on your website. You must take care of your digital marketing presence through on-site SEO service and exceptional digital marketing strategies that offer value to your customers. The strategy used now is going to pay your business in the long run after things get normal.
During COVID-19, you can strategize your marketing approach and keep your customer’s demands in the forefront. If you are looking for robust marketing services, then connect with Data Direct that is going to assist in your online activities and frame a strategic marketing approach.

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