Data Direct Group, Office 303, Makeen Building Airport Road, Al Garhoud, PO Box 502082, Dubai, UAE
Data Direct is a global provider of world class innovative & knowledge driven customer operation solutions that provides Call Centers, IT Software & Solution Services, Records Management Services and Direct Sales. With over 19 years of experience as a Digital BPO, Data Direct is one of the leading contact center operator and customer service Provider Company in the region with its headquarters located in Dubai, UAE. We are present in 5 countries – UAE, KSA, BAHRAIN, OMAN and NIGERIA. We have over 800 employees spread across multiple countries, and have delivered over 3000 projects till date.
We aim to become a global leader in digital transformation services and solutions, offering a range of services around data, information & knowledge processing, and outsourcing. To offer customer-centric solutions which help ease document and data processing, business processes, customer acquisition and service for our clients with utmost trust and confidentiality
We believe in the digital revolution and realise the value that it adds to a business. We know what it can do to a business and take it to new heights. Thus, we strive to provide efficient solutions, effective services and work satisfaction to our existing and potential clients to ease their digital journey. We work hard to solve complicated problems of our clients and create smart systems to improve our clients’ business.
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We believe in being there for our clients every step of the way. Wherever we operate, we will always be there to provide local and hands on support.


Servicing clients since 2002, Data Direct has specialized in providing outsourcing services in compliance with government approved rules, regulations and standards in the Middle East.


We are nimble-footed and flexible. Based on the business needs of a client, we deploy customized solutions and services with speed and accuracy.


We provide outsourcing services ranging from Call Centers to Document Management and have partners for various business solutions and marketing services in ME, Africa & Asia.
  • 2002

    Established in

  • 2007

    Direct Outsourcing Services established

  • 2015

    Saudi Arabia Data Direct KSA Established

  • 2015

    Oman Operations Start

  • 2015

    Direct Information Services established

  • 2015

    KSA Operations Start

  • 2015

    Oman Century Data Systems Established

  • 2016

    Sri Lanka Data Direct South Asia

  • 2017

    Sri Lanka Company formed

  • 2017

    Nigeria Data Swift Africa Limited

  • 2018

    Partnership with MOHRE

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