The actual adoption of the Robotic Process Automation will be catching up in 2020 after the use of bots on high-scale by businesses.
The RPA process will remove the manual actions with the automated processes. It will work as an assistant to the organization’s staff. Even a Statista report shows that the global market size of the Robotic Process Automation will grow to $10.4 billion by the year 2023. This showcases the scaling of automated technologies in the present industrial set-up.
Let us now see how robots will be changing the face of the business world in 2020 and beyond.

Use of Cobots

Cobots or Collaborative Robots work near humans in an organization. They prove valuable for an organization as they augment and enhance human capabilities with precision and strength. Moreover, by working together with humans, these Cobots will prove helpful in improving work efficiency and reducing the cost. Even a report states that the Collaborative Robots market will grow to $7,972 billion by the year 2026.

Focus on Data Security

RPA, along with AI, will focus on the overall data security by the year 2020. Any human mistake can lead to data breach too. So, to keep the organization’s sensitive data secured, the RPA bots will work with AI to avert the human mistake as they are designed to deal with the data-based tasks.
Intelligent Automation will Gain Spotlight
The Automation process will gain impetus as bots will be working with the digital workers under the automotive environment. Intelligent automation is paired with ‘cognitive AI disciplines’ like machine learning to carry out operational efficiency. This process will leap in 2020 as organizations will be making automation along with digital transformation a key component.

Scalable use of Robots

With industries looking forward to automating the process, the use of standardized robots will increase. By using Robotic Process Automation, the complex tasks will become more comfortable, and organization problems can be eliminated. Even the scalability of robots in different departments will make them leave their isolated operational place, and they will work with the same momentum along with the human workforce.
RPA has already made a shift in many industries right from manufacturing to warehousing. The automation process is helping the companies take a leap and get ready for the most awaited digital transformation. Moreover, the companies that are looking forward to getting the best RPA services can reach out to Data Direct for getting tangible results.

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