The following year is about to observe significant shifts in the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) industry. Predictably, as the RPA industry will reach maturity, the global economy will also bring up changes for adapting it. Many are also expecting that the RPA industry thrive will continue accelerating based on further technological advancement advancements, the emergence of a novel generation of workers, and economic shifts. Our Predictions for the following year are:

  1. Workers Will be Trained to Adapt Automation

The first prediction would be, in 2021, thousands of workers would get effective training to get the capacity to embrace automation. And the community of global system integrator and audit centric consulting business would be responsible for this extensive training and encouragement.

Predictably, these companies are well aware that the automation industry is subject to have far-reaching growth in upcoming times. They are already focused on the opportunity to sell business strategies and enable services that will effectively channel their clients to yield new benefits.

  1. Centre of Excellence is the Next Source of Profits

This is the prediction that narrates a massive alteration next year. Predictably, the business entities will locate that automation operation is the measure they should take to save money. It would also develop new revenue sources serving as a platform to generate revenue.

  1. Separated Automation Operations will be Past

The majority of industries will be more inclined towards robot resilience in 2021. Necessarily, the vendors of RPA would assist their clients in discontinuing the development automation operation bases that can be complicated to maintain, expensive, and dysfunctional.

  1. Remote Working Model would be the Future

The gig-based working will replace the full-time employment culture, and work from remote places is gradually accelerating this conversion. It is also assumable that the adjusted RPA market will support this continued shift to remote working.

  1. Employee Experience will be as Important as Customer Experience

CX or customer experience has gained a lot of importance over the last few years. Predictably, the employee experience will also be approached similarly.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many employees have suffered from increased anxiety levels thinking about the recession and its probable effects on their families. For improving the employment experience, the automation market also needs to address this concern with processes and operations. Improvement of employee experience is critical for employee’s productivity, engagement, and morals.

  1. RPA will have a Transformational Behavior

In 2021, business entities will start making considerable alterations in their business operating systems. If it is possible, the true potential of the digital transformation will be bestowed to them.

The year 2021 is genuinely standing as an opportunity to excel. But, for it, the industry needs to apply all the lessons it had in 2020.

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