The document and records management may seem interchangeable, but still, these two terms share a difference in their characteristics. Many organizations use electronic software to maintain records or a document. But what is the difference between these two?

What is Records Management

Records act as evidence of the activities carried out by an organization. All the documents kept in an organization are not records, but a few are that need to be maintained with regulatory compliance. Records management involves identifying, storing, managing, and maintaining the organization’s data.

What is Document Management

Documents store vital information about an organization. Here, document management helps in managing and tracking the documents that are in process. It takes care of the whole process right from creating the documents to its inception and completion.

Although both these terms overlap each other, but they share a vast difference on the whole. Let’s check out some of the points of difference between records and document management.

Difference Between Records Management And Document Management

      Basis Of Difference    Records Management     Document Management
Type of Content The information stored here comprises of historical information. The details go through a lifecycle right from creating the content, capturing, closing, retiring, and destroying the content. The details stored here comprises of transient content. Here, invoices are signed and sent for approval, older drafts are discarded to create new ones, for review the forms pass from submitter to the reviewer.
Assessment  The businesses do not actively assess it since the nature of documents are either historical or not in use. As the documents are in process daily, so they are assessed by a broad range of users. The documents are used to perform daily job functions.
Software Use The Records Management software describes the activities that are related to the statutory, fiscal, or regulatory activities of an organization. The Document Management software assesses and manages the documents. These documents are evaluated through the common repository or library present within the system.
Storage System Here, the records are stored in their original format if it’s required for legal reasons. The organization records are sometimes managed by the off-site record centers along with the on-site ones too. It is stored in the document management system where users can access the information quickly. These documents are stored in revised forms with version tracking and document history.
Security The security of the records is set-up by the government keeping management system under compliance. The security of the documents is applied by depending on the document type and user.


These are a few basic types of differences between the records and document management. Still, it is necessary to keep your records and documents secured and maintained for usage in an organization. If you are looking forward to an off-site center, then Data Direct is a one-stop solution.

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