Asset Management is a comprehensive solution that undertakes complete lifecycle of the assets from the Purchase to the retirement.

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Why Asset Management

Asset Management is a comprehensive solution that undertakes complete lifecycle of the assets from the Purchase to the retirement. It allows complete visibility to the Asset Movement and the health of the asset. This helps in taking proactive Maintenance calls in order to help increase the life of the asset and huge savings to the organization.

Asset Verification/Count

Asset Tagging Services

Creation of Register



Integration with ERP (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics), Share point Portal

Workflow Automation


Real-time Monitoring

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Key Benefits

  • Putting the onus of the asset to a person/department
  • Control of asset movement via workflow automation
  • Complete asset audit and asset movement history
  • Improved Financial, Purchase and Maintenance planning
  • Relieving the Finance and the Administration team from laborious task

Key Features

  • Web-based system that helps create the Asset Register
  • RFID and Barcode Technology used based on the type of requirement
  • Asset attributes like Date of Purchase, Custodian, Department, Serial Number, Warranty etc.,
  • Location, Ownership and cost centre related assets
  • Flexibility on Various views and reports based on RFID/barcode IDs, Purchase Date, Asset Category, Location, Department, Person, Cost Centre, Supplier etc.,
  • Reports: Multiple pre-built reports with several filters available
  • Facility to generate outputs in Excel, PDF format for creation of additional reports
  • Comprehensive Depreciation Module is an optional module to the core Asset Management solution
  • Inbuilt workflow for asset movement
  • Creation of Asset Count Cycle, location wise, department wise, outlet wise, & more


Established in 2002, Data Direct has evolved into a leader & pacesetter within the UAE Record Management and Document Digitization Sector. Customer-oriented & driven by the passion to deliver, our team of experts and area specialists are focused on understanding and anticipating our consumers' physical and digital document management requirements.

Customized Solutions designed with key elements :

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Case Studies


The Bank with its huge assets inventory spread across all Emirates of UAE wanted to reconcile and validate Asset information in order to update the inventory database. This will also help them to assure the presence of assets in different branches and locations. Client was finding it difficult to maintain asset records of more than 200,000 on regular interval due to lack of time and resource and since the bank was undergoing a merger, this was done on a priority basis.


Phase 1
A process was designed of Asset Barcode Tagging and Verification for IT and Non IT assets. The aim of the project is to validate the master database provided by the Bank and to verify its Location, Description, Type of Asset, Country, Emirates, Area, Building, Floor, and Office No. The project was executed at multiple locations simultaneously
Phase 2
Implementation of Asset Tacking and Management System with over 20 users across all branches


A publicly listed Islamic local bank initiated asset tracking project for audit purpose and match with their accounting books to calculate the depreciating value of each assets.
These assets were scattered across the emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimahand other) with no inventory or identification of type of assets and count at each location. Client had a out dated master asset database, due to which compliance was not met and prior to the final audit action was to be taken.


A team was mobilized to visit each of the37 locations to tag ad identify 150,000 assets all types including clicking photos of assets to determining its condition. A final report with the below details was submitted to the client
  • A list of all missing asset as per the client’s Master list
  • A list of excess asset as per the client’s master list
  • A list of all found / reconciled assets as per the client’s master list
  • Savings by reduction in Asset Insurance for obsolete, missing, damaged, broken etc


Client is a member of a large holding group with core activities in the development of large scale residential and commercial property developments within the Emirate of Dubai. All leased properties of the developer had been developed over a decade and the challenge was to create an asset register for all the MEP items in order to provide the list to the Facilities Management Team for maintenance.
The action was to be taken for 2 segment of property development
  • Residential / Community
  • Hospitality


Data Direct initially visited multiple sites and gathered information followed by preparing a catalogue with all types of electro-mechanical assets along with photos. ThisMaster catalogue was approved by the client, helping us to initiate the tagging process. Our team includes refined resources with a background in MEP / HVAC, thus giving us an edge on planning our Health and Safety precautions. The asset count that were tagged was 250,000 and the project was completed within 12 months


Client is a government authority body that Plan, direct, and coordinate human resource management activities of an organization to maximize the and maintain functions such as employee compensation, employee relations, talent acquisition, career development, succession planning, training and leadership development, retention, HR policies, and regulatory compliance.
Client was in the process to relocate to a new location with a new setup and required a reliable company to transfer all the IT, Fixed and Fixture to the new location and re-assemble back to the designated areas.


A total of 63,000 assets was shifted and re-assembled within a time frame of 3 months. Assets were earmarked for new location and the team was responsible for proper setup and handover of assets to respective custodian.
Assets movement with proper approval system was used for ensuring the removal of assets from one location and receipt of the items by individual users was followed. This was done with minimal downtime and ensuring proper conditioning of assets.