How will the customers respond Post-COVID reopening? How to reach them again? These questions may be coming to your mind while prepping up to reopen after Post-COVID restrictions. Right from small businesses to big companies, all are curating new strategies to attract customers. 

The word of caution is, “Do not make any mistake.” The world is going to function differently now. Rethink on post Coronavirus reopening strategies so that you can cope up with this transition. To stay ahead during this time, plan out everything strategically, and engage your consumers with these essential tips.

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate

It is not business reopening, but a gala opening since COVID-19 has hit businesses hard globally. The first thing is to communicate your reopening across all social and business channels. Post some policies and secure plans for consumers over Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and of course, your website.  Even you can go live with your improved set-up to make your potential customers and audience realize that it’s safe to shop.

Update your Business Profiles

Are you running a café or a restaurant? If yes, update your profiles on Google My Business, Yelp, Social Media platforms, and business websites. State your store opening and closing hours, safety guidelines you are opting for consumers, how people can use takeaway options, availability of contactless delivery, digital payment, and much more. Don’t forget to state social distancing norms.

Entice with Come-Back Discounts

Who does not like discounts? Well, everyone does. So, make a come-back with a boom by offering your consumers with limited period discounts. Although the finances of everyone are hit drastically, you can at least motivate your consumers to buy something that will keep them refreshed or rejuvenated. Like, if you are a therapeutic product line, then offer discounted products that may lower the stress levels of your customers. 

Make Safety a Priority

In the Post-COVID world, consumers will only make a come-back if they see a hygienic environment and safety. Globally, customers only prefer the store or restaurant chains for food, coffee, or any other necessary items that are leveling up their security and hygiene. 

So, switching to the sanitization process, cashless payments, foot sanitizer dispensers, etc. will encourage consumers to prefer your store. Even online stores that are indulging in the cashless payment system and contactless deliveries are preferred over other online stores. 

The Post-COVID world is not what we were living in. Everything has changed 360-degrees. A well-equipped business plan is essential to encourage your customers to buy from you. Data Directs offers traditional marketing as well as digital marketing services. We can help you to reach your potential customers effectively.

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