Global profits for the automotive industry are going to increase by 50% by the year 2020 as per the McKinsey report. This sharp increase is seen in the emerging automotive markets. But, the increased sales and growth of this industry is only successful through customer loyalty. 

Retaining a customer can be a big task, even not done thoughtfully. The key to maintaining customers often lies in your after-sales services and customer support. You need to focus on the requirements and needs of your potential and immediate customers. The main aim is to work on long-term automotive loyalty.

So, if you want to create a personal experience for your consumers and want to build a long-term relationship, then see these top ways.

Implement Interactive Service Plans

Auto Industry gets benefitted from both products and services. It is seen that the cars sold with the service plan get the retention rate of almost 60%. Services plans create brand loyalty too. This customer service support plan ensures that the customers do not have to spend from their pockets every time they go for servicing their cars.

Take Follow-Up

In the automotive industry, after-sales marketing and initial follow-up do add value to customer retention. To add value to your business, you can call onto the customers to know about their experience or if they require any assistance. Promotional emails and follow-up can lead to a long-term relationship with customers. Even when your customer visits the service department providing personalized experience can also help in customer retention.

Provide a Personalized Reminder

Customers love if they are being addressed in a personalized manner by the industry service providers. If you are dealing with automotive, you can coordinate with customers to get maintenance and repair work done on time. While providing check-ins and car servicing, show some extra effort to your consumers by offering free fluid fill-ups, tire rotations, vacuuming, and much more. Notify the clients about oil change whenever it is necessary. These small details convey a lot about the brand. 

Use Multi-Channel Contact Approach

The car dealership is widespread, as thousands of people may prefer to go with one or the other brand. But, the main focus of customer is on after-sales support. As the demographics of customers are quite widespread, so you can follow a multi-channel approach to reach out to them. You can use emails, texts, call your customer, etc. Be accessible to your customers in the way they feel comfortable, and this will change the whole dealership scenario.

Automotive Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries that can thrive with continuous communication with their customers. By personalizing the buying and after-sales support experience, you can attract many customers. Get quick advice from Data Direct and improve customer loyalty.

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