Data Direct Group and surveysparrow join hands to enhance data-driven decisions for customers in UAE and wider region.


Dubai, July 10: The region’s top customer-centric solutions provider, Data Direct Group, and SurveySparrow, a leading customer experience (CX) management platform, have partnered to revolutionise the customer experience landscape in the Middle East.


Through the strategic alliance of the Dubai-based Data Direct Group and SurveySparrow, the objective is to provide outstanding CX solutions for brands, enabling them to craft remarkable experiences for their customers, according to Rajiv Dalmia, founder and chairman of Data Direct Group that has been a pioneer in the CX domain with its advanced tech solutions for over two decades.


“The customer experience industry is poised to embark on a transformative journey. This collaboration promises to redefine the very essence of customer satisfaction, elevating it to unprecedented heights. With innovation at its core, the partnership aims to revolutionise the way customers engage with businesses, fostering deeper connections and seamless interactions”, said Dalmia.


“For us, it felt like the perfect opportunity to join forces with a leading player in the Middle East as organizations in the region are increasing focus on enhancing their AI capabilities and CX infrastructure. By leveraging Data Direct Group’s proficiency in digital transformation services and solutions alongside SurveySparrow’s comprehensive omnichannel CX solutions, this partnership will empower organisations to promote loyalty, enhance brand equity, and offer more customer value”, said Shihab Muhammed, who founded the omnichannel experience management platform in 2017, which has served over 200,000 clients across 149 countries so far.


“There’s no doubt that by harnessing these technologies, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, enabling them to deliver personalised brand experiences and that is where this partnership comes in optimizing customer journey mapping for an enhanced CX like never before,” he further added.


About SurveySparrow:

SurveySparrow is a leading experience management platform that empowers brands to refine customer experiences at every touchpoint. With our intuitive feedback platform and comprehensive solutions, we transform the customer journey by providing valuable insights and actionable data. With the establishment of a custom data center in UAE, SurveySparrow has bolstered its commitment to ensuring top-notch security measures for the Middle East region.


SurveySparrow, with a global presence, serves over 200,000 customers in 149 countries, earning recognition and trust from renowned brands like McKinsey, Mondelēz International, Dubai Tourism, Shurooq, Eros Group, and many more.


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