Facebook Contests are always a great way to generate sufficient leads that can boost up your sales level later. It provides people a reason to make a connection with you and consequently gifts your brand with enough exposure. However, you need to construct your every step with careful planning and active promotions. Now, as the whole world is practicing social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are more active on the internet. Thus, it is a great time to deploy a Facebook contest. If you do the planning correctly, then it will prove to be a unique addition to your online marketing stratagem. To make effective Facebook contest strategies, you can seek help from experts like Data Direct any time you want. Now let’s explore the ways we can utilize a Facebook contest to generate leads.

Enrich Your Email List: This method is quite popular among marketers. Here you can ask people to provide their names and email ids in the form of entry. You can add these entries in your email list if you have described the reason for these sign-ups in your terms and conditions and opt-in box.

Put a Like to Win: It is an exciting idea to gather loads of leads to charge up your business. You can post any video, image, or links, and people just need to put a like if they want to win exciting prizes after a lucky draw.

Increase Your Followers: You can request people to follow or like your page when they are signing up for your contest. Thus, you can increase your followers, and there’s a high chance that they will be converted as buyers shortly.

Photo or Video Contests: With photo and video contests, you can ask your contestants to share contest applications with their friends as well to accumulate votes. These kinds of Facebook contests always drive substantial traffic to your page.

Question and Answer Contests: You can invite people to answer a few simple questions about your product. It is a great way to engage people and showcase the uniqueness of your business. Besides, you can gain help from companies like Data Direct, who are quite efficient in implementing the right marketing strategies to boost up your business.

Facebook contests are one of the easiest ways to promote your business as well as gather enough leads that can be converted quickly. However, always know about your target audience; choose your contest type precisely according to your needs, and determine your budget before you start a contest.