Outsourcing direct sales to BPOs across different sectors has proved to be successful for many companies and businesses all over the world. This is because a certain number of BPO companies have field-specific resources and expertise that help boost sale of products and services, which in turn help various companies in saving money. Data Direct happens to be one such BPO among those certain companies which will take care of your direct sales at affordable prices with its field-specific expertise in the Banking and Telecom sector.

For banking- The banking and related financial services (BFS) sector was one of the first ones who outsourced sales services to BPO companies. For over two decades, banks and other financial institutions have worked with BPO service provider companies for setting up marketing and sales teams all across the globe. Data Direct is one such BPO company to whom various banks and financial institutions have outsourced sales, inbound & outbound telesales, upselling and cross-selling and multi-channel support services for marketing and sales. Our partnership and support to various public and private sector banks and financial institutions have helped them bring down costs in terms of skilled manpower, access to filed-specific sales and telesales, providing expertise in both- sales and telesales and scalability whenever and wherever needed. We at Data Direct are able to do all this by using customer-friendly schemes.

For Telecom- With more and more companies going online for business and growth, direct sales in the Telecom sector are becoming more and more competitive. It’s not just about getting successful in the business of telecom services by sales, but it’s also about providing after-sales customer support and providing good telecom services anywhere, anytime and to anybody by equipping your employees with better stuff (hardware & software).

This is where Data Direct comes in. With our multiple channels of communication, we can provide you with better telecom services for your desktops, laptops, and smartphones or even on the web. Our telecom service will help in increasing and retaining your new and old customers as well as your company’s profits at an affordable cost. Our recent and most honourable client is ‘Etisalat’, UAE-based MNC (multinational company) Telecom service provider, whom we are providing our Direct Sales services. We can do the same for you if you decide to work with us.