Managing the documents cost the companies $20 as labor. Employees have to handle hundreds of paper to fix the misfiled documents. According to the research, professionals spend almost 15% of their time reading the information and 50% time looking for it.

Therefore, scanning the files leads to a lot more paperwork. Due to this, companies are opting for Document Imaging. It involves scanning the paper and converting it into an electronic image. This is just the initial process. There’s more to document imaging. 

The Document Imaging system includes the following:

  • Workflow
  • OCR or Optical Character Recognition
  • Capturing the image
  • Enterprise content management system

Now, let’s see how document imaging is more than scanning and why industries are opting for this paperless mode. Below are a few reasons to go ahead with Document Imaging.

Use of Automated Data Capture

Data capturing is a subset of software. It controls and manipulates the large volume of paper. The capture indexes and routes the images to the document management system. By using Automated Data Capture, the users can extract the document images with the help of automated recognition devices and OCR. It makes the data capture speedy and accurate too. Automatic data capture is an excellent investment as it uses less workforce and highly cost-efficient.

Security of Documents

The laws of every country ensure that the documents of the organizations are secured and safe under regulatory compliance. Therefore, only authorized people can access these digitally images copies. Moreover, a few companies use the private key to share with the respective person only.

Helps in Seamless Workflow

The workflow feature in Document Imaging helps in routing the documents throughout the organization’s department. This workflow system works better when it is automatically processed through various sections where it can be checked, assessed, and required changes can be made. 

However, the workflow characteristic proves useful in the distributed sort of work environment. The reason being, the movement of paper can consume a lot of time and delays the work process. 

Bottom Line

The Document Imaging system, one of the most cost-effective methods, not only converts the paper files into electronic documents, but it ensures safety, management of the records, and authorized people. Data Direct can help you in innovating the right solutions and customizing them. Also, get your business ready to work remotely in the corona outbreak.

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