HR (Human Resource) department accesses confidential information of the organization’s employees. Some are tied in paper forms and some paperless. With COVID-19 in place, the companies are shut down, or a few have just started working with minimal staff. But, the majority of the workforce is working remotely. According to the Gartner report, almost 74% of employees working from home due to COVID-19 will continue after its ends.

In this situation, keeping track of documents may become hectic for the HR team. However, Electronic Document Management software is becoming a savior at this time. This cost-effective way will support HRs to keep track of employee’s leaves, acquired staff, cope with legal and compliance requirements, and much more. Let us see a few vital ways in which the Document Management system will prove helpful.

Seamless Cooperation

The company, named Co-operative Group, has nearly 85,000 employees, which is quite massive to manage. Now, the organization wanted its HR team to have access to employees’ data at the touch of the button. So, the company handled all the data through a browser-based document management system. 

The data was regulated with strict policies, and only authorized people were given access. It made almost 1 million pieces of paperwork handy with this electronic system, and HR can access it seamlessly. 

Cloud Integration

The advanced Document Management System comes with Cloud Integration. As top executives, HR, and other employees are working remotely, so this software proves beneficial. It is integrated with the Cloud, which helps the HR and even the regular staff to access the data. However, you can only access the authorized data.

Management of Attendance

While you are working in an office, your HR keeps a record of attendance daily. The COVID-19 has changed the way of working 360-degrees. Employees may worry about their presence, which can affect their salary or perks. With this Document Management software, the HR can keep a record of daily working hours, breaks taken in between the work, and even the absence data too.

Automated Policy Provider

Well, COVID-19 has changed a few company policies and working procedures too. It has made HR intimate the same to each employee. It can prove tedious to send a single email to each employee. The advanced Document Management system helps in sending a copy of policies, let employees acknowledge it through a web browser, filing the read document into their folders, and much more.

Document Management System helps the HR department to work seamlessly from anywhere and reduce the burden. Accelerate your digital transformation journey with Data Direct. We make your processes easy and empower employees to boost their productivity. Our document management solutions reduce costs and risks. Call our experts today and learn more about how we can help you to tackle the challenges during digital transformation.

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