The ever-growing demand for cloud computing has resulted in elevated energy consumption levels, which has impacted the environment’s carbon footprint. As data centres are added to the organizational realms, many servers and other necessary materials will be required to enable its full-fledged operation. This leads to severe environmental damage, where the concept of green cloud technology comes in.


Green cloud technology involves designing, producing, and using digital spaces to produce any adverse impact on the environment. Green cloud solutions can significantly reduce operational costs and save energy. It allows users to decrease the damaging effects of cloud storage on the environment.


Green cloud technology includes the following practices:

Green design

The cloud infrastructure design covers energy-efficient services, software applications, computers, and other devices that consume comparatively less energy.

Green production

Reduced waste is generated during recycling expeditions by the cloud infrastructure, resulting in a more sustainable environment.

Green usage

Almost a 27% margin reduces the amount of energy produced when using a cloud-based product


Green cloud technology is beneficial not only for your business but is also environmentally friendly. Let us see how it can be advantageous for a business:

Energy conservation

Energy emissions for operating across the on-premises servers are enormous. Green cloud computing controls the operation of the service so that they do not get heated quickly. Switching to cloud management platforms, resources can be pulled in, resulting in a cut back on the number of hardware resources required for on-premises features. This results in better power consumption and thus decreases the energy bill.


The green cloud offers a secure cloud platform across servers.  Critical files may be stored on the cloud platform with content access anytime or anywhere for accessorial backup options. Using the content management and governance features across the cloud server can help you go paperless.


Cloud computing stands for the delivery of computing requirements as a service to a heterogeneous community of end recipients.

 Software as a service

Not only is the software present on the cloud, but all types of processing are also done on the cloud. Users can access this software from any computer connected to the internet.

 Processing as a service

The user is provided with the functionality to process complex computations on the cloud. Tasks demanding less processing power are carried out on the user’s PC.

Storage as a service

The users can outsource their data storage needs to the cloud.


Green cloud computing for environmental sustainability in UAE has seen a surge. Apart from being environmentally sustainable, green cloud computing is the model that benefits energy-consuming consolidation, virtualization, and so on. There is much importance being given to green cloud technology in the UAE, which speaks well of the measures taken towards environmental sustainability.

Data Direct can assist you in making the green cloud commitment – switch to cloud today!

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