In a dynamically changing world from moment to moment, chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence, will play a significant role in business in 2021. They can help companies generate leads, cross-sell, up-sell, sourcing from historical data and predictive models, and customer browsing and spending patterns. It is predicted that chatbots will match human behaviour and offer services that are at par with those provided by human beings. Let’s look at the importance of chatbots for customer service.


AI chatbots can make interaction with customers a very pleasurable experience. The more personalized the chatbot, the better the customer engagement. Chatbots are an effortless way for customers to communicate with any business via existing messaging platforms. This influences customers to bond with the brand.


Chatbots can engage with customers 24×7. They can respond to customer queries promptly. Availability of good customer service around the clock has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. They can direct customers to answers that would help them genuinely, which helps in arresting ticket deflection.


It is a proven fact that businesses that engage with their customers can increase customer spend. Chatbots can analyze customer responses and provide data instantly. They provide real-time answers, thereby saving costs for both the enterprise and the customer. It also leads to improved user experience and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Queries are no problem as of now for chatbots. Let us assess how quick resolution of queries impacts customer service.

Average resolution time: Chatbots answer customer queries in real-time, thus improving response time

First response time: chatbots handle fAQs in the first interaction itself

The number of requests accepted: Increased conversations can be handled by chatbots ensuring that no chats are missed.

The number of issues resolved: Chatbots easily handle basic customer queries. This reduces the number of support tickets.


It is estimated that in the coming decade, 80% of communications will be done with robots’ help. Online retailers, outlet stores, and others are increasingly promoting text-based chatbots and voice-assisted chatbots for checking orders and facilitating purchase /delivery of orders. One of the primary reasons is the flawless manner in which robotic messengers facilitate business through consumer interactions.


Chatbots will revolutionize the way we live or run our business. Businesses are under pressure to innovate to meet customers changing demands. Chatbots will improve the way we communicate with customers online. Although bots may not be aware, they can demonstrate empathy and understand the context, which is a desirable trait for the business owner and the customer. Chatbots, without a doubt, are the future of business. Data Direct can help you integrate the latest technology to give your business a big boost. Please contact us for further details on leveraging chatbots for enhanced customer service.

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