2021 is the year of opportunities for small and big businesses alike, as cited by the experts. The online market is ever-changing, so digital marketing trends need to be updated to meet the present business and customer demands. Nowadays, the digital marketing trends will involve AI, Personal smart technology, automation, voice activation, and much more.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses and customers are confined to their homes, and more and more customers are looking forward to doorstep delivery as they are avoiding moving out. You need to level-up your digital marketing game by following the trends that will dominate or continue this year.

Increased Social Media Marketing

The May 2020 report suggested that the social media expenditure grew from 13.3% to 23.2%, which is a rapid increase registered from February 2020 to May 2020. The SMM is focused on retaining customers and attract the target audience. To regain the audience, the brands are putting up more research to re-engage the audience, posting the social media contents, and monitoring the customer responses. Businesses can even opt for MARTECH services from a digital marketing service provider like Data Direct.


Marketing automation will help in driving the effectiveness and productivity of the campaign. The tasks like social media posts, email marketing, and automated campaigning will witness a rise. The automated marketing campaigns will help in providing a personalized experience to the business’s customers. It will help in saving time and money, customer retention, increased revenue, and lead generation.

SEO-Based Voice Search

The voice-enabled smart speakers will reach almost 55% in the US households by the year 2022. People tend to perform voice searches, and if the brands are SEO optimized, it will make the matter relatively easier. This increasing popularity has made Google invest in technologies like BERT, Knowledge Graph, and RankBrain. These technologies will undoubtedly help Google to recognize the brands that provide optimized voice-search results.

Use of Segmentation

It is necessary to retain your old customers along with the new ones. So, turn out to your old customers for feedback and survey to improve your brand. Engage your audiences by segmenting into various groups, and keep them informed about your processes through social media or email marketing. It will help you save your time and money and divert the attention towards those consumer groups showing less interest.


Chatbots’ use will also continue in 2021 because they are making the messaging and responses instant. The AI-based technology will help you chat in real-time, and these Chatbots can connect the customers quickly with the customer representative’s team. This quick response service will take the brands up in today’s cut-throat competition.

Give your brand digital exposure by including automated and new technologies. You can also take the service from Data Direct, a reputed digital marketing service provider in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

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