To understand and optimize web usage, one must measure, collect, analyze, and report web data. This is called Web Analytics. Besides being a process of measuring web traffic, web analytics can also be used as a tool for market research and business. Web analytics applications help companies broadcast advertising campaigns. To make the effective use of the best Analytical services, you can seek help from experts like Data Direct any time you want. Now let’s discuss a few web analytics tools that are ultimately the best ones in 2020.

Intercom It offers a set of vigorous tracking and analytical tools that enable you to understand the estimated number of people who use your web app. You may track and interact with your web app users just with the help of 2 lines of javascript codes.

PageSpeed This tool helps you find out how fast or slow your web pages get loaded. Most of the internet users do not bother to wait around for more than a few seconds for a page to load.

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) It provides you with the tools which perform experiments by A/B testing of various textual and graphical on-page elements.

Leadfeeder Leadfeeder helps the marketers and sales teams to find out who visits their websites, despite the site visitors’ not filling out a contact form or not even sending an email.

Screaming frog SEO It provides intuitive data by scanning your site for errors. It comes up with an inclusive technical SEO audit.

SimilarWeb This data collection company uses many data points to assemble a thoroughly broad data set that helps gain shady insight into your competitors.

SEMrush It has a sturdy suite of SEO tools that will enable you to view the results of your efforts on SEO marketing. You can also perform keyword gap analysis, monitor your brand name, and your social media efforts.

Moz Keyword Explorer Through this tool, you can view the backlinks, scrutinize the competition, and survey the probable linking opportunities.

GoSquared This tool measures how long one particular visitor has been active on your website. A “ping” is sent to GoSquared when someone first visits your website; and until the person leaves your website, the ping goes on back and forth.

ClickMeter ClickMeter enables you to create useful URLs that track and analyze the ROI of various marketing channels. It allows you to track, redirect, and analyze website traffic.

Wrapping Up The above-listed tools will help you find out what’s happening on your website. The right combination of web analytics tools improves your strategy and gathers plenty of leads to hand on to your sales team.