3 Exclusive Jobs That Digital Marketers Can Do In The Metaverse

3 Exclusive Jobs That Digital Marketers Can Do In The Metaverse

The term ‘Metaverse’ is increasingly used across the internet nowadays. Most tech-savvy people are aware of it. Let us give a glimpse to the non-tech people too. Metaverse is a shared virtual space where users are represented through their personalized avatars. It is the same as Bitmoji of Snapchat. You can interact with other users in a digital environment. The 2021 HubSpot Inbound conference was also held in the Metaverse. It shows how brands will face new challenges if their competitors use this virtual space. It means digital marketing can get a new edge with this technology as social media marketing is getting through AR and VR. 

Metaverse And Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing is an important aspect that helps brands reach out to their customers fast. Many expert digital marketers are hired for the same. Metaverse can help change the scenario by connecting brands with their customers in real-time in the virtual space. It is an immensely creative and interactive 3D world.  Brands ready to experiment with first-hand experience of digital marketing into Metaverse are few, but the number is still expected to grow soon. But what about digital marketer’s jobs? Will they change in this virtual space? Well, let us check out some of the cool jobs in Metaverse.
  • Metaverse Marketer

These marketers will be specialized in Metaverse-related marketing ads. Disney and Nike are planning to enter this virtual space. They will require marketers who can promote their brand in the virtual world. The marketers need to possess creative skills to frame the marketing strategies per the virtual ecosystem.
  • Metaverse Storyteller

Storytelling is an essential part of brand marketing. Metaverse will need more storytellers to help customers acknowledge the brands and mind-boggling design narratives. The most gaming industry is operational in the Metaverse using AR and VR technologies. The storytellers working for other brands can take note of these travel and gaming breakthroughs. It will help the brand storytellers to develop content and lead the brand’s marketing to the glory in the Metaverse.
  • Metaverse Community Manager

The brand community manager in Metaverse will help with digital marketing for the brands by initiating a dialog between the companies and the customers. Like, it is done by the social media marketers on versatile social media platforms. The community manager will work in the brand’s virtual space to connect with the customers. Community managers will act as tour guides for the customers by initiating conversations regarding the brand with the existing avatars.

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